on hiatus for personal reasons. might be back in a couple of months. i'm still on twitter if you want to talk :)

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I’ve decided to take a hiatus for some personal reasons. School’s going to start up soon, and after messing up pretty badly last semester I don’t want to screw up this semester.

I also just feel like I spend too much time on here while I could be doing other things like reading or improving myself.

This hiatus will probably go until the end of August.

I’m still active on twitter since it’s where I get all my kpop news, so if you really want to talk just tweet me a mention :) There’s a link in my description and on other places on my blog :)

"Then, are you normal?"

cutest fan/celebrity relationship ever


괜찮아 사랑이야 opening~

It’s Okay, It’s Love is my new kdrama obsession.  Kyungsoo is precious and Jo In Sung is a total hottie ^///^  And it actually made me laugh which almost never happens with kdramas xD

I’ve finally gotten my Royal Pirates gifs and my favorite mvs gifs into tags. Now almost all of my gifs are organized :D

Here’s my gifs and edits page if you care 


"Author-nim… Author-nim!!"